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Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies

November 23, 2009

Every October and November I’m moved to make baked goods out of pumpkin. But hey, cold weather makes me want to bake more in general (I made an apple pie this evening, and tomorrow even more pies will be made because Tuesday at work? Is a pie party. Yes, a party with just pies. I’m making a raspberry tart with chocolate ganache and a tomato and corn pie). But back to the pumpkin . . .

Ooey, gooey, cheesey, easy(ish), peasy.

This year I made some pumpkin butterscotch bars with oatmeal topping and my annual pumpkin roll. But after that I wanted something different. After some browsing I saw pumpkin cheesecake or pumpkin brownies, but where were the pumpkin cheesecake brownies? Apparently, in my head. So I played around and came up with this recipe.




October 14, 2009

Some people love brownies, but I love blondies.

A feast for the eyes and tastebuds.

A feast for the eyes and tastebuds.

And the love grows infinite when you discover that they’re also insanely easy to make. Hit by a craving while I’m–I don’t know, carving a chicken, washing dishes, wrassling my cats–I can whip up a batch in two shakes of a rack of lamb’s tail and about 30 minutes later there’s a warm batch of gooey goodness on my counter, which I always intend to share but never really get to because theyr’e so good they’re seemingly gone before the pan even cools.