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Black bean and chicken tacos with cabbage slaw

February 20, 2009

When I made this I wasn’t really sure I was going to like it. I’m not particularly excited by black beans or cabbage. I figure at best, I’d have a relatively healthy and budget-friendly meal for me and the boy, and that in itself would be a win. That’s all I was going for.

Whole wheat tortillas grilled and folded in half make humougous and delicious taco wrappers.

Whole wheat tortillas grilled and folded in half make enormous and delicious taco wrappers.

But man oh my. I really enjoyed this. Really, really. The cabbage slaw in particular. I could have gobbled it up by itself, but in the taco it served as a great counterpoint to the warm beans and chicken resting inside waiting to be consumed.



Fiery Fish Tacos

October 21, 2008

I used to have a roommate who was terrified by fish. She couldn’t stand their bulging eyeballs and the shimmer of scales along its wet, slimy body. I imagine that she had nightmares about fish in the way some of us are terrified in our sleep by zombies, wild dogs . . . or clowns. However, she was okay with fish in stick form, though I never saw her eat any.

Fish don’t terrify me, but for the longest time I was afraid…of preparing fish. I was forever overcooking it, poking and prodding at it well beyond the “done when flakey” stage. However, I plunge forward with intrepidity because fish is not only delicious, it is also healthy.

Fish tacos were not first and foremost in my thoughts when I went in search of a fish recipes. The first time I became aware of them was when I lived in Tucson, Arizona, but back then it always sounded repulsive to me. What the heck is a fish doing in a taco? Staging a coup? Asking for directions? It seemed to me, wrong. But I believe in second chances and fish taco, I am sorry. I was wrong, terribly so. You deserve so much better.

Homemade crunch salsa for the fiery fish tacos

Homemade crunch salsa for the fiery fish tacos

This is yet another recipe I found at and adjusted for my own tastes and for the availability of items in my fridge.