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Salmon Chowder

August 31, 2009

I try my best not to waste food. However, one cannot make everything into a quiche, which is generally my favorite “clean out the fridge” meal. This is because I try to avoid casseroles. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Wisconsin and spying those trays of blankity-blank casserole with fried onion and cornflake topping that has made me wary, but I’m not a casserole kind of girl, at least not yet.

Save your wild salmon for regular eatin', but instead use farm raised, sustainable salmon for this chowder.

Save your wild salmon for regular eatin', but instead use farm raised, sustainable salmon for this chowder.

This last weekend I had an abundance of dairy-fresh 2% milk. My boyfriend and I go to the farmer’s market each week and get ourselves a half gallon, but somehow this week we hadn’t managed to finish a good deal of it. I had even baked a tray of blondies with the intention of downing them with some milk, but there was still a couple of cups left, and so, thinking of the frozen farm-raised salmon I had in the fridge, I thought: CHOWDA. I’ve never made a salmon chowder before, but I’ve done many with cod, so I figured I could apply the same methods and come out with something edible.

And if I may pat myself on the back, it turned out pretty good.



Lemon-Dill Wild Salmon

July 7, 2009

With spring (and now summer) in full bloom, it’s been a busy time. I’ve been cooking away and snapping photos in between a number of trips (weddings–Matzo’s, in fact!), holidays, and a vacation to Rome (more on that later, I hope, as I have been inspired to cook something like authentic Italian cuisine). One thing the trip to Rome wrought was the correction of my boyfriend’s circadian rhythms (he works until midnight during the week, which meant late bedtimes for a long while), which now allows him to wake up in time to accompany me to the Sunday farmer’s market. We live about a 10-15 walk from the market, so it’s been no excuse for our lack of attendance over the last three years, but then again, sleep is so wonderful, and after getting on average, 5-6 hours during the weekdays, having a full night on the weekend is a must. But going abroad has reset our clocks, and we’re both early(ish) to bed and early(ish) to rise.

Wild Alaska salmon in a light lemon-dill sauce that compliments, not overwhelms, the flavorful fish.

Wild Alaska salmon in a light lemon-dill sauce that complements, not overwhelms, the flavorful fish.

Vegetables are in full bloom now, and for the past two weeks we’ve been feasting on farm fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and beets. Also, free-range chicken and, delight of delights, wild Alaskan salmon. Farm raised salmon tastes like rice paper compared to wild salmon. With farm-raised salmon I would marinate in soy sauce, ginger, maple syrup, or coat it liberally with some pesto to get it to take on some flavor, but the real thing? Amazing. And so amazing is the taste that one must keep any other ingredients light, lest you quash the natural, delicious flavor of the fish.

I keep it simple with a mixture of butter, lemon, and dill, and bake it until it flakes easily with a fork. A little salt and pepper to that, and I’m in heaven.


Salmon Croquettes

September 7, 2008

I recently made fish stock from scratch and noticed that the heads and bones had a lot of meat still left on them. I pulled the meat from the cheeks, bones, and other random parts. There was quite a bit! My roommate in the Netherlands, Tatiana, would make fish croquettes from scraps of fish either left over from dinner or just from cheap fish pieces at the market. I don’t have her recipe, but this one from America Cooks: The General Federation of Women’s Clubs Cookbook is close to what I remember. (more…)