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Review: Elizabeth’s Gone Raw-some!

July 18, 2011

We’ve had a long haiatus here at Matzo and Rice. To kick off a (hopeful) return to posting glory, we have a guest post from one of my friends. Caroline, a long-time vegetarian, provides her R-awesome review of Elizabeth’s Gone Raw!

Caroline: When I first became a vegetarian almost 23 years ago, vegetarians were lucky if a restaurant had a Garden burger on the menu. Nowadays, not only do many places serve their own veggie burgers, but DC has a high-end restaurant serving raw vegan food. I am not a vegan in daily practice, and I am not interested in the raw food diet craze, but I do love to eat vegan whenever I can. And an upscale vegan dining experience? Where do I sign up?!?  The answer, of course, is Elizabeth’s Gone Raw. (Review, pictures, and the word “hooha” after the bump!)

An example of the delights at EGR. (C) Elizabeth's Gone Raw Website



Chicago Mag’s Top 40 Chicago Restaurants

November 21, 2010
A giant, “honey, I blew up the kids!” version of Rick Bayless terrorizes Pizzeria Uno. (Photo compilation totally swiped from

I hail from the Chicago area and was super excited to see Chicago Magazine‘s article on the 40 Best Chicago Restaurants Ever! The list includes current and former restaurants and has some weird rating system that is kind of arbitrary. That said, I think knocking 9 off their list is pretty good, especially since many establishments came and went before I was born. Here are the ones’ I’ve been to:


Review: Tampa’s Columbia

June 13, 2010

In December, I was lucky enough  to have a business trip to beautiful and warm Tampa. Unfortunately, I missed out at staying at the conference hotel. This was sad on two counts. 1. I was horribly sick (which may have slightly affected my taste buds on this review), and  2. The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, the conference hotel, is a pretty spectacular spot. The hotel is located on on a 35-acre wildlife preserve right on the shore. It has a cute path and gazebo where you can spy on some egrets, pelicans, and ibises.

Before my cold took a turn for the worst, I managed to make it out to Ybor (“eee-bore”) City. Ybor is Tampa’s historic Spanish district with fun bars, places with flamenco dancers, cigar rolling places, and live music. My coworker and I were told to go to the Columbia Restaurant, est 1905, for great Spanish cooking. We ordered a salad, tapas, and paella.

The building was pretty spectacular.


Here Comes the Sun!

April 27, 2010

While Rice and I have had the matzoandrice twitter account for some time, I never had my own until 2.5 weeks ago. When I started my own, I instantly chose to follow thinkgeek, one of my favorite geek stores. About 2 hours after starting my account, they posted that NASA was holding a contest to have people be twitter correspondents to their Solar Dynamic Observatory Launch press conference. I signed up and got picked! Insane!

We first met at NASA to get our press passes and headed over to Grand Deli to grab sandwiches. I chose the House Special, a croissant with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and some sort of condiment. You can’t go wrong with the “house special” right? I’d say it was a decent sandwich, but that’s really only because anything on a croissant tastes instantly better. Really, it was an average sandwich, but it was made quickly and the staff was friendly.
Grand Deli & Cafe on Urbanspoon

Thinly veiled attempt to make a post about food rather than science.


Review: Morimoto

February 9, 2010

In high school, Iron Chef was on in the background of every house party, dirty basement, or hang out location my friends and I went to. We loved the hell out of it. Iron Chef had everything! Crazy food? Check! Competitions? Check! Nutty Japanese? Double check, because you know both the Chairman and his crazy cowboy shirt each get a count.

Of all the original chefs, Morimoto was our favorite. Young, handsome, and a chef! You can imagine how excited I was to go to his restaurant in Philadelphia.


On Wisconsin!

January 21, 2010

Last summer I got married in the grand state of Wisconsin,  the land of cheese, home of brew masters, and makers of brats. The weather was beautiful. It was supposed to rain, but it stayed partially sunny in the upper 70s all day. The best part of the day that didn’t involve people (husband, friends or family) was the location and the food! This is my (late) ode to the beautiful city of Madison in the context of food. I hope you come visit soon!

Madison hosts one of the most beautiful state capitals and best farmer's markets in the US. On Saturday mornings, you can see both at the same time! (c) Patratacus


Restaurant Review: Bastille

December 1, 2009

I chose Bastille in Alexandria for DC’s restaurant week purely because it was walkable from Braddock Rd Metro and it had 4 “$” signs. If only all shots in the dark were this much of a success! I would go back any day of the year, Restaurant Week or no. If that’s not high praise, I don’t know what is.


These hush puppies make for an upscale finger food!

These beignets make for an upscale snack!


Restaurant Review: 1789

September 3, 2009

I first went to 1789 when my now husband proposed. It was a magical evening. The fireplace was roaring in the main room. Love was in the air. The food was *amazing*. You can imagine why we decided to come back.

It’s a cozy restaurant that’s good for birthdays and other celebrations.  As adventurous as we are most of the time, we’ve been three times and gotten the same entree three times. Both of us. Normally, I’d say, “BOOOORRRRING.” But their lamb is that good.

We went to 1789 for their “sizzling summer special,” a $40, 3-course dinner (lamb and steak are an extra $8). We invited another couple to join us, and of course they were sharers. Nothing is worse than going to a good restaurant and people won’t share. We even got a small taste of another dinner! One of them ordered something different.

After we ordered, we got an amuse bouche. Delicious! The bite had a sort of a ceviche of rockfish with herbs on a mini tomato on a slice of French bread.

The right amount of citrus and oil in the amuse bouche make a tasty snack.

The right amount of citrus and oil in the amuse bouche make a tasty snack.


Review: DC’s Café Atlántico

August 10, 2009

A while ago, my partner and I ate at Café Atlántico. Actually, we ate there twice – once during restaurant week (with very bad cell phone photos that will not be displayed here other than the drinks) and once before a play at the Shakespeare Theater (pictures after the bump). During restaurant week we got 2 appetizers, 2 mains, and 2 desserts. During non-restaurant week, we got guacamole, 2 mains, and 1 dessert. The guac is mighty – I’d recommend skipping an appetizer unless you’re sharing among many. Without further ado, Café Atlántico‘s spectacular eats:

Restaurant week Winter 09:

Salt and Lime Air Margarita – It has a salt and lime “foam” on top. It was hard to drink because the foam sloshed around on top. It was tasty, but I wouldn’t get it again.
El Presidente – a blood orange drink with bitters and some other stuff. My partner wasn’t expecting it to look as girly as it did. I didn’t like it much, but he did.


Presidential Eats

February 22, 2009

Inauguration lit DC up! Rice, myself, and our partners headed into the cold to watch our new President take the oath. I know the post is a little late, but better late than never, right?

We started our day, bright and surly, getting up at 5ish am. We braved the traffic jam to the parking structure and were on the Metro by 6:30 (not too shabby). You can tell by the looks on our faces that we were actually pleased with ourselves.

Ok, so we look terrible. We left the house at 5:30 am. What do you honestly want?

Ok, so we look terrible. We left the house at 5:30 am and were super bundled-up. What do you honestly want?