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Chicken Breasts and Morels

July 25, 2011

I love morels! I got morels at the farmers’ market this spring, but haven’t gotten a chance to post it until now. They taste woodsy and rich, and they absorb flavors beautifully. They need a sauce that compliments their flavor, yet allows them to stand alone. If you can’t find fresh morels, don’t worry. You can substitute dried with liquid or even sub other mushrooms (not quite as tasty, but still pretty yum).

This is a combo of a couple of recipes to make it my own. I did borrow mostly from the Chicken Breasts and Morels recipe from the Mycological Society of San Francisco‘s cookbook. Many people suggest to soak fresh morels to get off all of the grit. Don’t do it! This mutes their flavor. Just give them a good shake and lightly dab them with a moist cloth. MSSF offers other great morel tips, too.

I paired this dish with my homemade pasta, but that's a recipe for another post.



Asparagus and Mushroom Tarts

April 30, 2009

In the last week I’ve had what I’ve considered three incidents of cooking failure. On Sunday  night I slow cooked a bit of ham I carved off a larger hock I’d squirreled away in the fridge shortly after Easter since it was still on sale, but it was drier than I would have liked and the honey glaze I used was too sweet. Then Tuesday night, after seeing a recipe for Thai spicy peanut and chicken noodles I thought, YUM! I loosely followed the recipe I found, but what resulted looked better than it tasted. No depth of flavor. Too much peanut butteriness. To compensate for that, I thought, I will go for a tried-and-true standard for lunch: the quiche. Maybe it was a bad idea to use the ham for Sunday in the quiche, but I thought, c’mon, how can I quiche fail? Well…it can. Even my boyfriend said it wasn’t quite up to snuff, and except for about 2 occasions in the last 3 years, he usually gives my meals the thumbs up.

A puff pastry tart with shitake mushrooms, asparagus, cheese, and shredded rotisserie chicken.

A puff pastry tart with shitake mushrooms, asparagus, cheese, and shredded rotisserie chicken.

And, so to bolster my self confidence one more, I thought I’d come back to the blog and post about a recipe that succeeded! I present to you the asparagus and mushroom tart, which I made for a quick dinner on several occasions and then made again for Easter as a sort of appetizer to share.


Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

January 30, 2009

I’m not really one for new years resolutions, but I tend to half-heartedly make a few here and there with the beginning of each year. There are your tried and true ones: lose weight (15lbs, which had been 10lbs before the holidays), read more, write more, exercise more often. I’ve also included in that list, “slow down.” I have a tendency to move fast (to compensate for my lack of height) which often leads me to getting caught on doorknobs, tripping on whatever is on the ground, (or on the ground itself), falling into walls, or running into people who don’t realize that yes, I am going to take that corner that hard and that fast (I’m talking about walking here, though I did recently have a unfortunate run-in with a curb that exploded my tire).

But that’s neither here-nor-there. I have another grand old resolution that many other people have: Eat healthier.

A portobello mushroom sandwich with the works.

A portobello mushroom sandwich with the works.

My boyfriend has been periodically trying to convince me to go vegetarian (not that he is, but since I prepare most of the food, me going vegetarian would mean that he would also go vegetarian), but my food-loving self can’t give up the variety of foods and flavors that does include meat. But eating MORE vegetarian is not only healthy, it’s also cheaper and a lot more environmentally sustainable, something I’ve also been meaning to work toward in this new year.

So what helps is finding really delicious vegetarian recipes that I crave constantly, and for me and the boyfriend, this portbello mushroom sandwich is #1 with a bullet.


Shitake Mushrooms and Snow Peas (with chicken and tofu)

December 12, 2008

Shitake Mushrooms and Snow Peas

I’ve been having a sort Asian-revival where it concerns food. Maybe it’s the winter. Maybe it was the impending trip I had home for Thanksgiving, but as of late I’ve been accessing the recesses of my mind and finding all sorts of goodies my parents used to prepare for dinner. One ingredient that I’ve rediscovered and fallen in love with all over again is the dried shitake mushroom. The dried shitake mushroom has a very different taste and texture than that of a fresh one. Thick and meaty and sweet, they are now a real treat. I grew up hating these–I used to pick them out of my bowl of rice at dinner–and somewhere along the way I thought to revist them and found that they were in fact, delicious. How taste changes, thank goodness. If it didn’t, I might still be sitting around eating bags of Funyuns and drinking Mountain Dew (oh wait, I still do that on occasion–if I start smelling of Axe body spray, though, please, call the authorities). (more…)

Mushroom Risotto (or Rice cooks rice!)

September 18, 2008

Most Sundays I am too lazy to wake up before 11am in order to get out to the big farmer’s market that is a mere 5 blocks from my apartment. However, one weekend my boyfriend’s parents invited me (just me–not him–he remained fast asleep at home) to go with them. I complied–I was in the market for some fresh produce, and I like to shop local when possible.

Mushroom Risotto with grilled chicken

Mushroom Risotto with grilled chicken

I had done some serious produce damage during the week at various grocery stores, however. Tomatoes were ripe and in season and I had loaded up at the market down the street, and so the trip to the farmer’s market that day was mostly reconnaissance. However, I did want some fresh mushrooms, and a variety of them if possible. For the most part, it’s hard to find more than your every day button, cremini, and shitake at the store, at least at the ones where I shop. But the farmer’s market provided a good deal of variety.

Mushroom variety pack from the Baltimore Farmers Market

Mushroom variety pack from the Baltimore Farmer's Market

Okay, so yeah, I got some cremini and button ‘shrooms in the mix, but I also got two varieties of oyster and some other miscellaneous mushrooms I was unfamiliar with, and so, I took these little guys home and decided they would taste delicious in a risotto recipe.