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Biscuits and Gravy

August 23, 2008

While Matzo gets ready to write her introductory post, I thought I’d go ahead and start with an actual food post.

Breakfast seemed like the most natural place to start.

I was not introduced to the wonder that is biscuits and gravy until I found myself in graduate school in Arizona. I was a two-egg-bacon-toast-and-hashbrown kind of girl (with flirtations with eggs Benedict) until the day my friend from Florida ordered biscuits and gravy when we went out for breakfast at a local greasy spoon.

My, my what a marvelous and simple dish. My arteries squeed with joy. There was one place down the street from my apartment that served biscuits and gravy on top of hashbrowns and the biscuits and gravy itself was then topped with a rasher upon rasher of crispy bacon.

Since then I’ve moved out East, but biscuits and gravy followed me here. The recipe is simple enough, and life is made easier for me when I don’t have to make the biscuits from scratch. I like Pillsbury biscuits myself but not the ones with layers–the ones that more resemble homemade biscuits. Of course, you can make your own biscuits, in which case, I salute you.

The added bonus is the recipe is pretty easy and relatively inexpensive (just like I like it!)