As Liz Lemon might say, “I want to go there” and eat this mocha cake. [Easy French Food]

Maybe I’m just feelin’ the French food, or maybe it’s being buried under 70 inches of snow, but savory, potatoey comfort foods like this lamb champvallon get the taste buds tingling. [Sippity Sup]

I’m obsessed with lavender. I try to put it in anything plausible. This recipe for Meyer lemon lavender pound cake sounds like a prime candidate for baking, especially since I have a bag of Meyer lemons just begging to be made into something delicious. [Desserts for Breakfast]

The Chinese lunar new year might have been this past Sunday, but every day is a good day for char siu. [Jun-Blog: Recipes for a Simple Life].



2 Responses to “Blogroll”

  1. Tori Says:

    I’m also obsessed with lavender. Well, technically anything that YOU make with lavender lol. It’s so flowery and awesome.

    • Rice Says:

      When (not if!) I make this lavender poundcake, I will make sure to bring in a sample for you! Also, I’m making some lemon bars with rosemary and lavender shortbread crust tonight. Want a sample? I’ll bring it in tomorrow 🙂

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