I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a cook over the past three years, but with each passing one it doesn’t cease to amaze me at the variety of foods I’ve yet to try to eat, no less cook. So this blogroll is dedicated to those ingredients I’ve parked in my fridge in search of a good recipe and a stomach that is ready and willing.

  • Dear Fennel. I’m not really a fan of the anise flavor, but as an accompaniment? I’m willing to give you a try. So what looks good? Perhaps you, paired with something bright and tasty, like in this beet and orange salad from Sunday Hotpants?
  • Speaking of oranges, I have a blood orange sitting in my fruit bowl and dreaming of blood orange sorbet, such as the one here at Simmer Down.
  • This week I also grabbed a bunch of swiss chard while I was a the store. I’m told by the Internets pretty often that this stuff? Where nutrition is concerned? Is TOPS. So I’m thinking later this week, this sucker is going to become very good friends with some chick peas in this garlic-roasted chard with garbanzo beans over some homemade polenta [Eggs on Sunday].
  • And for a little something different, is offering an amazing deal on discounted gift certificates. Enter the code INDULGE when checking out and you can get an additional 80% off already reduced gift certificates. Case in point, last week I purchased 5 different $25 gift certificates for $2 a piece, down from the regular discounted price of $10. The caveat is that most places ask you to spend at least $35, but a dinner for 2 for pretty much $10 where your bill might be $40-50? Not a bad deal. The code expires today, January 19, 2010, so grab it while it’s hot!


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