Matzo and Rice 30,000th Hit Contest!


Rice and I just got our 30,000th hit! We were also *this* close to making it in under a year. Oh well. None-the-less, Rice and I are holding a contest to honor and reward our faithful readers. Rice and I met in 1999 when we were placed next-door to each other in the dorms. Since we met in the great state of Wisconsin, why not have a beer themed contest!? Rules after the bump!


Hooray for beer!


Rice and I like to get together, watch some football (or insert Wisconsin Badger sport here), and drink some Wisco beer.  Sometimes we cook with beer.  We want to hear ONE of the following from you:

  1. The first time you really learned you liked beer and what kind it was (we don’t judge, unless it’s Budweiser);
  2. Your favorite recipe involving beer (extra points for pictures or a link to your post about it);
  3. A fun story about your favorite beer; or
  4. We at Matzo&Rice understand not everyone likes beer. You can tell us about your favorite beer commercial, logo, or a humorous story involving beer. You don’t even have to drink it.  That leaves more for us, anyway.

When you post, make sure you include your email in the “email” tab. We will make sure it’s not posted on the site. If you don’t want to do that, and you’re brave, feel free to post in this format: youremailhandle [at] domain [dot] com.

We will use a random number generator to select the winners. In the event that the winners do not post something to do with beer, do not contact us back, or do not want the prize (we still would like to hear your story), we will select the next random number.

Also, please, no swearing. This is a family site. *snicker* Really, though, keep it PG-13. Our mothers read this.

Contest ends: Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 11:59 pm EDT.

The last time Rice and I hung out, we did a tasting of great WI beers, like this one from Capital Brewery!

The last time Rice and I hung out, we did a tasting of great WI beers, like this one from Capital Brewery!


We have 2 prize sets for the winners to choose from, first chosen first sent. Check your email if you’re one of the 2 winners.

1. Set of 5 Leinenkugel’s mini glass glasses. Enjoy the “Flavor of the Northwoods” in these adorable tasting cups. Should your lips get chapped while imbibing, you can use your very own Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat lip moisturizer!

Wet your mouth and moisterize your lips!

Wet your mouth and moisterize your lips!

2. Set of 4 Killian’s Irish Red Premium Lager mini plastic cups, along with a Killian’s bottle opener, beer styles handbook (16 pages), and poster explaining the differences in flavors and colors of beer.

Killians pulled out the stops for you to have a grand tasting experience!

Killian's pulled out the stops for you to have a grand tasting experience!

Let the contest begin!



14 Responses to “Matzo and Rice 30,000th Hit Contest!”

  1. ASchalk Says:

    I’ve always drunk beer, but it was July 15, 2006 when I discovered my favorite beer and favorite beer style. I was at Durty Nellie’s concert hall outside Chicago for a radio promo show and was given a couple drink tickets. I was bored with the regular offerings the bars have around here, so I pointed to a tap – Three Floyd’s Alpha King. The first sip puckered me up. This was a pale ale, bright on the citrus, extra hoppy, yes smooth. To this day, this is my favorite beer and my overall favorite style.

  2. Ariel Says:

    So, I love me a good guinness and I love me a good piece of chocolate cake. I found a recipe from Nigella Laweson for Guinness cake and made it this past March to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Let me tell you Guinness + cake = crazy delicious. Here is the link to my blog post:

  3. Dawn of Dawn's Recipes Says:

    The first beer I enjoyed the taste of was Killian’s Irish Red.

    My favorite recipe is called “Beer and Butter Poultry Injection” (fun name, huh?) which I use for deep fried turkey:

    I don’t have my own funny beer story, but I do love the “get it in the can” ad for Bud Light Lime:

  4. Kerstin Says:

    I stayed away from beer until my first year of grad school in 2001 when my friend Erin introduced me to Blue Moon!

  5. Kristen Says:

    I grew up in a strict family that told me to stay away from beer because it tasted like “Horse Pee”. After smelling it, I believed this to be true until I turned 21, and tasted it for the first time. I will never forget the taste as the Heineken glided down my throat. It was love at first gulp.

  6. Mary Says:

    You all must be a “younger” crowd. My first, you will laugh was 18 (drinking age then) and it was Genny Beer, that’s correct, from Rochester, NY. Bleh awful sh@@!. Cooking with a DARK Ale any kind I add it to my beef stew and my pot roast, the kids never knew growing up I did that, it makes the meat super moist. Thanks, Mary

  7. Whitney Says:

    I’m not a beer snob by any means, but I never really understood how good beer could be until I went to Germany. There I was, sitting in a questionable upper room of a questionable restaurant in Bamberg, trying to figure out the menu when I found the beer section. I thought I’d be safe there, but there were so many varieties! As I tried to decide what I was in the mood for, my well-traveled friend pushed my hand aside, pointed to the menu, and said, “There. That one. You won’t regret it.” I ordered my first Bamberg Rauchbier–“smoke beer.” The malts are roasted over open flames, and when you first taste it, you get all the glorious smoky flavor that Alabama barbeque aficionados argue over all summer long. None of my American friends believe me when I say Germany has a smoked pork-flavored beer; “There can’t be something that good on this earth,” they argue. But there is. I can’t wait to get back to Bamberg and try it again. And that’s what started me down my road to becoming a true beer lover. For a reasonable American approximation of the smoky flavor, I recommend Samuel Adams’s Cream Stout, although it’s made with roasted barley, chocolate, and caramel, so it’s admittedly sweeter and less bacon-y than the Bamberg variety.

  8. Kraut! Says:

    My new favorite beer recipe is Guinness beef stew, made in the crock pot. I came home to it today after work. Yum!

    Here’s the picture:

  9. Vicki Says:

    Gramercy Tavern’s gingerbread with Guinness is amazing.

  10. Jaye Says:

    Let’s see…..the first time I realized I liked beer, I was at a brewery in Dillon Colorado. The microbrews were amazing. Shortly thereafter, I was sitting on the deck of a rented cabin, drinking a Breckenridge Brewery Jefe Proper. The snow, the outdoor fireplace…..mmmmm…memories!

  11. Tim Says:

    I don’t like beer, but I like ice cream. Matzo gave me a recipe for Samuel Adams White Ale Fresh Berry Sherbet. I made it. She liked it. So did her mom, who also doesn’t like beer. Do I win?

  12. Kraut Says:

    Hey, I know the contest has ended, but I saw that NPR’s Kitchen Window has several beer recipes featured today:

  13. Matzo Says:

    I want to thank everyone for reading our blog and entering our contest!

    Congrats to Kristin and Dawn for being randomly selected!

  14. Nancy Carson Says:

    Outstanding site. You have gained a new regular reader. Please keep up the superb posts and I look forward to more of your entertaining updates.

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