I’ve done a little upgrading with my photography. No, I did not get a fancy camera. Nor did I buy an expensive flash. I did, however, make myself my own homemade light box. Learn how to make one yourself at the Strobist. Just make sure to keep it away from curious cats with sharp little claws.

This particular kitty loves boxes.

This particular kitty loves boxes. Please note: this picture was most definitely taken prior to my most recent camera upgrade and super duper prior to the creation of any light boxes. But look! Cat pantaloons! OMG, am I right?

Don’t let the recession prevent you from trying out fantastic restaurants. Take advantage if your local metropolitan area is having a prix fare Restaurant Week, where you can dine on prime rib and lobster for a reasonable price. Washington D.C. is holding its summer restaurant week from August 24 through the 30, and Baltimore has extended its restaurant week until August 23, 2009 (might I recommend Teo Pepe’s, Bicycle Bistro, Roy’s, and the Helmund).

I saw the movie Julie & Julia last weekend and enjoyed it. But it doesn’t seem like everyone is a fan of the eponymous Julie. Newsweek asks us to Stop Hating Julie Powell, Please. Or do haters got to hate and players gotta play?

One of the ladies at This is My Jam make same damn adorable owl (shaped) cupcakes.



One Response to “Blogroll!”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! PS Your kitty is adorable.

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