Review: Cluster F@*#


I tried Go Lean Hearty Honey Cinnamon hot cereal by Kashi. They claim “Enjoy the naturally sweet taste of golden honey and cinnamon in a warm hearty whole grain cereal.” I’m not a fan.

For context, I eat oatmeal every cold weather morning. I like the texture AND the taste. I’ve been getting Quaker Oatmeal cinnamon sugar with 50% less sugar (the real tastes too sweet to me), and I love it. I figured Kashi’s would be great. It has clusters in it! It’s got whole grains! It’s all natural! It’ll be fun and different! It tastes like shredded cardboard with some cinnamon on it.

I added butter. It helped a little. I added McCormick’s cinnamon sugar blend. It helped a little more. I’d still put it in the “edible, but…” category. I feel I shouldn’t have to double the calories with butter, milk, and sugar for something to taste good.

My fiance put it best when he tried it, made a face and said, “I could vomit in a bowl, that would be all natural too.”


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3 Responses to “Review: Cluster F@*#”

  1. Marie Says:

    WOW! I totally miss Jon’s colorful sense of humor. I wonder what he would have said at the “fabulous” chicken casserole I made a few weeks ago. Fabulous it was not!

    On an oatmeal note, I LOVE the Trader Joe’s cinnamon insant oatmeal. It lives in my desk drawer too and I have it for lunch when I have no food.

  2. maayan Says:

    that is so funny. I suspected that kashi stuff would be s#$t. their commercials really annoy me. I used to eat oatmeal like every day my sophomore year of college–not just breakfast either. sometimes lunch or dinner. I think I was just too lazy to cook anything, but I also… really…liked… oatmeal. needless to say I cant really eat oatmeal anymore.

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