Where I cook


I envy people with large kitchens: ones with the hanging pan rack full of copper pots that shine like brand new pennies and marble counter tops, on their kitchen islands no less. But this I do not have. I have an apartment in Baltimore with a kitchen the size of most people’s half bathrooms. Ironically enough, my parents in Wisconsin, in their new house that they designed, have not one, but five refrigerators and freezers, and not one, but two kitchens! They only use one of them. The other one is for “show.” Last Thanksgiving my mom freaked out when I dumped some flat soda down the sink. One must not compromise the sanctity of the sink!

But you work with what you have, learn to creatively stack things on top of other things, and run from room to room to find a flat space where you can chop up copious amounts of onions while keeping your cats from pouncing all over your produce.



4 Responses to “Where I cook”

  1. Matzo Says:

    I love kitchens and bathrooms when you first move in. Look how nice and clean it is! Now imagine it with stuff in it! I’ll post mine soon to compare and contrast.

  2. lovemyfood Says:

    I hear you…I am dreaming of a big kitchen with tons of copper pots and lots of work surfaces too 🙂 What I have now is not that much bigger than yours…
    Good luck with the blog 🙂

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